Why should you choose "Khuvsgul Lake Hostel"?

  • Cheap and affordable accommodation
  • If you want to see Ulaanbaatar from above
  • Want a modern, clean environment
  • We are always ready to receive you in the city center for all services.

Room types

  • 3
  • 1
  • 29
  • 20
  • 23

Private room

“Khuvsgul lake hostel” There is a hotel room inside. It is cheaper than other hotels.

  • Room with two beds,
  • One room with one wide and one narrow bed
  • Choose from one-bedroom, double-bed rooms for family and friends. 
  • 2
  • 4
  • 5
  • 7
  • 29

Common room

“Khuvsgul lake hostel” The six types of rooms offer a choice of 75 beds. You can choose a bed from a double or single room with a capacity of 4, 5, 6, 9 people. Deep environment, clean linen, shower with forehead, 00 room where you can relax and unwind.  

Hostel service

  • Air condition
  • Free Wi Fi 
  • Personal closet
  • Laundry service 
  • Cargo storage 
  • Linen
  • Towel
  • Hair dryer 
  • Light breakfast
  • The kitchen
  • Bicycle rental 
  • Parking

Hostel accessories

  • The table     
  • The chair
  • The mirror
  •  The shower
  • The cup, spoon 
  • The glass
  • The towel
  • The hanger 

All you need is $ 1

We offer all the services you need for rent for 1 dollar each. You can lock your personal belongings in your closet and leave your money and other valuables at the reception.

  • locker
  • hand facial
  • bath towel
  • bathrobe
  • slippers
  • washing machine 
  • iron, iron base 

Worth to know

  1. Check-in time 14:00
  2. Check out time 12:00
  3. Breakfast 08:00-10:00
  4. It is not possible to enter the apartment without paying the dormitory fee.
  5. A copy of your passport will be taken from you at check-in, and all days of the night will be charged in advance.
  6. When checking out, the keys to the apartment and locker will be returned to the guest. If you lose it, you will pay 20,000 MNT for the key and 10,000 MNT for the lock.  
  7. If the room is lost or damaged when you leave the dormitory, you will be charged according to the rules.
  8. During the stay, a police officer shall be called and held accountable for violating the rules of the dormitory and disturbing the peace of others.
  9. Cancel: If you cancel or change your order reservation@khuvsgullakehotel.mn Please specify your name, return time, and order number when you cancel / cancel or change. No cancellation fee will be charged if canceled 72 hours prior to arrival. If you do not cancel or do not arrive within the above period, one day payment will be withdrawn from your card.


  • Hostel customers must be at least 18 years of age.
  • /Child under the age of 18 can be served with his/her parent or guardian.
  • Price rate is calculated by a single bed.
  • An additional guest may lodge in the room, but there is no guarantee that the upper and lower beds are kept.
  • After one room is filled, guests can start lodging at the next room.
  • Bedding will be changed for a guest who is staying for an extended period of time in the hostel..
  • Slippers, toiletries and towels can be leased or bought at the recreational area of the hostel.
  • Please respect other guests while staying:
    • Talk loudly,
    • Handling or taking other people’s stuff without their permission
    • Turning on the light or taking a shower between 23.00 in the night and 06.00 in the morning is prohibited
    • Drinking alcoholic beverage in the room is prohibited.
    • Smoking is strictly prohibited.
  • No eating in the room.
  • No pets
  • Using explosives or gas in the hostel is strictly prohibited.
  • The guest should look after any valuables, identifications, or cash. The hostel is not responsible for any lost items except those that had been kept at the reception.
  • The hostel has the right to not serve a guest who commits the following violations  
    • The guest has committed violations of the hostel rules or policy
    • The guest has used alcoholic beverage
    • The guest has no identification

A reservation

"KHUVSGUL LAKE" How make a reservation at “Khuvsgul lake” hostel?

1. Та www.khuvsgullakehotel.mn Go online at

2. Directly call the hotel at 7718-7878 7607-8888

3.reservation@khuvsgullakehotel.mnSend an e-mail to the hotel’s sales office at

4. Call the hotel’s sales office at 7606-8888.

5. We accept the following bank cards. American Express, Visa, Master Card, JCB, Union Pay

6. Group orders with more than 5 people will be accepted at reservation@khuvsgullakehotel.mn;