Түгээмэл асуултууд

  • How make a reservation at “Khuvsgul lake” hotel?

    1. Go online at www.khuvsgullakehotel.mn
    2. Directly call the hotel at 7606-8888
    3. Send an e-mail to the hotel’s sales office at reservation@khuvsgullakehotel.mn
    4. Call the hotel’s sales office at 7606-8888

    How to make a reservation for a group?

    Please call the reservation office of the hotel directly for a group reservation. Reservation office .........................

    How many rooms can be reserved on the website at once?

    5 rooms can be reserved at once online

    How many types of orders can be made online?

    You can place both guaranteed and unsecured orders. We will keep the booked room until you arrive at your hotel. However, we will keep rooms with unconfirmed reservations until 16.00 of the same day. 

    How secure is a credit card transaction when making a reservation?

    It is secure. The information of your credit card that you used for making a reservation is not leaked and we will maintain the security and confidentiality of your credit card in accordance with the agreement made with the bank and the site server.

    Do I need to reserve a parking spot?

    A parking spot can be reserved in advance. Parking is free for guests. If a parking spot is not reserved in advance, the parking charge is 1000 tugriks per one hour and 24000 tugriks for a day. 

  • -What price does "Khuvsgul lake" hotel offer?

    "Khuvsgul lake" The hotel offers the best possible prices. Please note that by booking online in advance, you will receive a discount of up to 20 percent from the booking price when you arrive directly at the hotel.

    Enter the room alone or in pairs and depending on your category & nbsp; between 138,000 MNT and 348,000 MNT & nbsp; is.

    How much does it cost to have an additional guest in the room?

    If you do not spend the night in the extra guest room, you will pay 67,000 MNT. In other cases, you can stay in a hotel for two people.

    How much is breakfast?

    Breakfast is free for you, and an additional guest pays 19,000 MNT. The child will pay 14,000 MNT.

  • What time do Khuvsgul Lake hotel guests work?

    "Khuvsgul lake"The hotel is open 24 hours a day and you can check-in without any problems. 

    How is the check-in done at the hotel?

    You will need your credit card, order confirmation number and passport to check-in. 

    What time do you check-in at the hotel the next day?

    You will arrive at the hotel at 2:00 p.m. 

    What time do you leave your room at the hotel?

    Check-out of the room at 12.00 on the day of departure. 

  • How is the room furniture in "Khuvsgul lake" hotel?

    Let me remind you again that all the rooms are decorated in a modern style. The room has a single and double bed, LED TV, work desk, chairs, wardrobe, luggage rack, armchair, coffee table, mini bar, intercom and free internet. You can also choose a room with a bath or shower. 

    Is there a hair fan in the room?

    Yes. All bathrooms have hair fans. 

    Is there a mini bar in the room?

    You can choose a room with a mini bar.

  • Will my credit card automatically charge room fees when ordering online?

    No. Your credit card will be guaranteed when you book, and you will be charged for your overnight stay at the hotel. 

    Which payment card can I use to pay?

    "Khuvsgul lake" The hotel can accept bills with the following cards. 

    When will you pay?

    All days at the hotel will be paid at check-in. The mini bar and other fees will be paid at check-out.